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A city of sweeping scope and complexity, Los Angeles is arid and crowded, floral and spacious. Its diversity is compelling. Its population is multicultural. Its architecture is demure and bold, intricate and wide. A lengthy reputation for creating trends keeps L.A. in the spotlight as a place where new, interesting things take place. Many homes in a number of its neighborhoods are simple, efficient dwellings. Others are perplexing and hyperbolic. Certain grandeur comes with such duality, as well as certain responsibilities. L.A. has lived up to that responsibility, especially where modern homes and contemporary city living are concerned. A design oriented city with an affluent economy and ambitious residents, L.A will stay in the spotlight for many years to come. It will continue to offer a variety of modern homes for people with unique interests and tastes. SellModern has a number of attractive modern homes to browse. Enjoy the best of the west coast's contemporary lifestyle.